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Vinyl Chloride
Classic Spectroscopy

The Mobile Unit system is designed to determine the concentration of Vinyl Chloride by monitoring shifts in the refractive index of samples.  The primary use case consists of Volatile Organic Compounds concentration detection in groundwater samples taken from underground aquifers.

The system’s detection limit of 50 µg/l is low enough to give very reliable results concerning the Vinyl Chloride contamination status of investigation boreholes into the water table; where, typically, Vinyl Chloride concentrations are in the range of 103 or 102 µg/l.

This allows the customer to perform much more effective and efficient water monitoring by getting data in real time and taking much better decisions. At the same time, it reduces the cost and duration of operations and alleviates or eliminates the risks and high cost of drilling boreholes in areas that would yield very little useful data in the end.

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- Additional Use Cases -

Moreover, the system can also be used to get classic absorbance spectroscopy and label-free spectroscopy measurements for water or other liquids; while benefiting from the same advantages of portability and real time responses, and even faster results – spanning 5-10 minutes.

These market applications are supported by our partner, Copenhagen Nanosystems, via the Spectroworks™ web platform, whose functionalities we can customize and integrate into our existing web platform to fit your needs.

Here is a list of applications:

Detection of the refractive index, Brix index and sucrose concentrations in samples from food and beverage products from the consumer industry.

Concentration measurement for droplets and micro-volume samples around 0.5 µL without any dilution of the original stock.

The study of the degradation of starch over time by amylase enzymes from saliva. The refractive index can provide information on enzyme activity, allowing for easy quality control in brewing, baking and medicine production.

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