State-of-the-art Technology
We strive to offer the best sensor technology to make real-time water measurements.
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Water Monitoring Made Simple
We develop compact water monitoring units that can be deployed in all different applications and environments.
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Fast and Reliable
We develop high quality units that monitor and analyze water quality within short time.
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What do we offer?

Compact Solution

We offer a compact water monitoring unit which uses state-of-the-art sensor technology.


Our solution offers real-time measurements, automatically performed on-site by our units.

Easy Access

All measurements from the units can easily be accessed via computer or smartphone. This makes it easy to get an overview whenever needed.

Preventive System

Our management system detects changes in water quality in a short time, enabling the user to act fast and initiate needed measures faster and more efficiently.


We help our customers in the process of defining and implementing the right solution for their application.

Full Support

We ensure a close cooperation with our customers in the implementation phase, making sure that our customers are satisfied with the solution.

Our Unique Feature

We strive to develop compact water monitoring units that can analyze and monitor the water in all different applications and environments.

Analyzing different elements in the water is a procedure which most of the time is performed in a laboratory. This is often a rather expensive and time-consuming process.

We develop units which will monitor and analyze water within short time on-site.

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