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What do we provide?

Real-time measurements

Between 5 and 45 minutes, fast enough to give you accurate data for decision-making in the field

Less time, lower cost

Perform spectrophotometry analysis on-site and cut time and cost associated with the laboratory analysis and transport

Vinyl chloride

Get sample results on Vinyl Chloride concentration with a detection limit of 20 µg/l

Spectrophotometric data

Get results on a sample’s spectrum within 5 minutes for standard spectroscopy measurements and within 15-40 minutes for Vinyl Chloride concentration

Easy data access & control

The integrated web platform and cloud storage allow you to easily interact with data anywhere via desktop and mobile 


We collaborate closely with our customers to ensure we provide them with the functionalities they need

Partners & Suppliers

Lead CUSTomers

Company Profile

WaterCare Guard focuses on developing compact water monitoring units which can be used for different applications and in different environments.


In December 2022, we won the I-prisen local entrepreneurship prize in Sønderborg and together with our partners, received 700,000 DKK in funding from the Industri 4.0: DigitaliseringsBoost innovation programme in September 2021.

Quantifying the presence of pollutants in water involves laboratory analysis, taking samples on-site and transporting them to the laboratory. This process is often expensive, time-consuming and even ineffective, if the targeted body of water changes its composition before results come in. 


Therefore, our units streamline the entire process by allowing you to perform real-time spectroscopy measurements on-site and eliminating the need for laboratory analysis and transport of samples.


We achieve this by using state-of-the-art technology such as upgraded UV-Vis spectrophotometers, patented cuvettes, enzyme-enabled selectivity and a web application integrating cloud infrastructure which allows for access to data and control of the system.

With our partners, Copenhagen Nanosystems and SDU NanoSYD, we have demonstrated a protocol for detecting Vinyl Chloride in underground water. The system can be customized to detect other substances in water, by establishing a selective process.


We develop our solutions together with our customers, so we are open to adapting existing protocols and developing new ones for substances you might be interested in, as well as integrating various kinds of customized solutions to meet your needs. 

The mobile unit

The Mobile Unit is a prize-winning portable prototype we developed for the Region Syddanmark – Vand og Jord department which can detect Vinyl Chloride in water samples in concentrations as low as 20 ug/l.

It is targeted for use in underground water monitoring and currently, its third version is in development and undergoing field testing and fine tuning.




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