Solutions & Products

We are currently working on developing our first product therefore we do not have any product catalog just yet.

what can you expect?

We will offer compact units for water monitoring and water analysis in different applications. We will offer stationary units that constantly monitoring the water quality or mobile solution for field analysis.

All measurement data can easily be accessed on our platform. All the data generated is being displayed in a way that helps the user to get a clear overview which enables visual- and preventive management. The unit will advise the user, allowing them to initiate needed measures fast and efficiently.

We make sure that the units are fully functional all the time and data is available on our platform. Hence the user does not need to spend time on service or calibration. They can focus on other relevant tasks while the units are monitoring the water quality.

key features

24/7 automatic and intelligent water monitoring

Enable preventive management

Enable visual management via user platform

Easy access of measurement data

Gives notification if an event occurs

We handle unit service/maintenance

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